Acquiring Top-Tier Talent

Too many technology staffing firms are focused on finding professionals with desired skills – and stop there. Intellect and all staffing operations within our family of staffing companies employ selective hiring criteria to ensure the professionals we deliver to clients are ‘game changers’, i.e. top performers. Intellect calls this approach Bell Curve Hiring TM. Historical performance falls into peer group rankings – some higher, some lower. The Bell Curve Hiring TM process recognizes that past performance is an accurate barometer of a new employee’s potential.


Intellect discovers these peer group rankings, and finds top-tier technology professionals on the far right side of the bell curve (typically top 15% performers). This also includes discovery of qualitative measures such as soft skills and personality, to assure client culture fit.

How we are different than other staffing firms?

Intellect recruiting, staffing and placement services help your company locate, screen and hire the information technology specialists you need to deliver projects on time, on budget and within scope. Employing our Bell Curve Hiring TM philosophy, we simply work harder than other recruiters to provide highly qualified candidates, not uninspected resumes. We deliver these services at pricing that is fair – never excessive, nor ever working at pricing levels that simply don’t make sense. That is the basis of a partnership that is built on a solid foundation and fair to all parties engaged in the relationship.

Qualified Candidates, not Uninspected Resumes

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