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Intellect’s core competency is Talent Acquisition. That competency happens to be applied to technology professionals (which in itself requires additional competencies in order to perform well), but at its heart, our capabilities are rooted in the art of sourcing, identifying, qualifying and vetting superior professionals, and avoiding costly mis-hires. And yes, doing this well is an art form!

Below, we share some recruitment best practices. We hope that our clients and future clients can apply some of these techniques to their business in order to drive better hiring (and business) results.

How to Attract and Retain Software Developers

It’s a tight labor market for the recruitment of software developers. Here are some considerations that will make talent acquisiton of software developers a little easier.

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Avoiding Counter-offer Pains

Nothing is more frustrating than going through the entire interview process, only to lose an ideal candidate to a counter offer. Here are some recommended interview questions to ask during the interview process, to head off this heartache at the end of the process.

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Detecting and Avoiding Resume Fraud When Staffing for IT Hires

Any recruiter or manager who has hired enough technology professionals understands that resume fraud can be prevelant (ranging from ‘white lies’ on resumes to the level of ‘stand ins’ during phone or even on-site interviews!). This article suggests how to detect and mitigate this chicanery and to greatly avoid costly mishires.

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