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Secure your organization’s future success by utilizing our IT Executive recruiters’ network of connections to hire A-level executive talent

In many ways, any organization can only be as strong as its top executive leaders. In fact, because decisions made by executives affect organizations from the top down, hiring and retaining the right executive level employees with the right skills and expertise can make or break future success.

Whether your organization finds itself in need of a new Chief Information Office, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Data Officer or other IT leadership role, strong IT leadership is crucial to aligning IT and business goals.

Why choose Intellect over other IT Executive Recruiting Firms?

Why choose Intellect over other IT Executive Recruiting Firms?

Intellect’s IT Executive recruiters understand that a successful approach to Executive IT recruitment is dramatically different the approach to recruiting for other roles in the industry. To successfully recruit for the IT executive level, simply sifting through resumes isn’t enough to guarantee you hire the best candidate for the role.

At intellect, we take pride in our IT Executive recruiting process, which takes into account every candidate’s hard skills, soft skills, style and values for the benefit of both the company and the candidate.

More About Intellect

Intellect typically recruits for the following executive level IT roles:

  • Business Unit Manager

  • Business Relationship Executive

  • Chief Architect

  • Chief Data Officer

  • Chief Digital Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer of IT

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • Chief Security Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

  • Head of IT

  • Head of Digital

  • Consulting Manager

  • General Manager

  • IT Manager

  • IT Vendor Manager

  • Network Infrastructure Manager

  • Outsourcing Manager

  • Practice Manager

  • Professional Services Manager

  • Program Office Manager

  • Release Manager

  • Service Delivery Executive

  • VP of Information Technology

  • VP of IT Finance

  • VP of Global Applications

  • VP of IT Strategy

  • VP of PMO

  • VP Infrastructure & Operations

Intellect: The first choice for finding, hiring and retaining top-tier IT Executive talent.

Intellect’s IT Executive recruiters provide IT Executive Recruiting services on a Contract, Contract-to-Hire and Direct-Hire basis. Our goal is to assist you in locating, hiring and retaining highly skilled executive leadership that will help ensure the future success and growth of your organization.

Intellect’s Executive IT recruiters are seasoned experts when it comes to providing employers with optimal new employees with higher retention rates to increase both the efficiency and profitability of their organizations.


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What makes us unique?

At Intellect, we understand that you have projects to deliver on and that time-to-hire and speed are critically important to ensuring their successful completion. Our recruiting process goes beyond simply identifying candidates with a particular skill set. We focus on truly determining if they are the ideal fit for your organization based on technical skills, functional expertise, soft skills and company cultural fit.

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