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As IT organizations deal with increasing technological complexity and shorter time-to-delivery requirements, retaining highly skilled IT Project Managers and Business Analysts is becoming an increasingly important factor when it comes to boosting productivity and efficiency.

In fact, good IT Project Management and Business Analysis can have a big impact on whether or not key IT business initiatives contribute to or detract from an organization’s growth, but finding the right talent can be a challenge because competition is at an all time high.

Intellect’s IT Recruiters offer IT Project Management and Business Analysis placement services on a Contract, Contract-to-Hire and Direct-Hire basis. Our recruiting process has quantifiable benefits to employers because we provide superior new employees with higher retention rates and less turnover. This results in increased efficiency and profitability for our clients, as they can accomplish far more with the help of the top-caliber talent that we help them identify and hire.

Why Choose Intellect for your Project Management and Business Analysis placement needs?

Why Choose Intellect for your Project Management and Business Analysis placement needs?

When it comes to IT recruiting for Project Management and Business Analysis, Intellect focuses on helping organizations identify candidates who are outliers and top performers. We recognize that time-to-hire and speed are critically important and will work with you to establish a recruiting timeline that fulfils your organization’s needs and deadlines.

Our process is customized and tailored to your organization so that we can successfully provide new hires that align with your goals, values and culture. Moreover, our deep industry experience gives us the insight and technical background to identify candidates who have the correct skills and expertise to hit the ground running and add value to your organization.

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Finding the right project management or business development professional for your organization depends on identifying a mix of hard skills, soft skills and technical know-how. For mission-critical IT initiatives, organizations need Project Managers and Business Analysts who understand how to be agile and responsive to customers and markets even when your market changes or your internal strategy changes. The ideal IT Project Manager needs to be able to turn on a dime and successfully manage a business’ priorities in the face of swift and sweeping change.



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Intellect specializes in recruiting for the following areas:

  • Application Developer

  • Application Programmer

  • Automated QA Tester

  • Business Analyst

  • Business Systems Analyst

  • Chief Information officer

  • Cisco Engineer

  • Cisco Network Administrator

  • Database Administrator

  • Database Analyst

  • Database Architect

  • Database Developer

  • Databse Engineer

  • Desktop Support

  • Developer

  • ERP Administrator

  • ERP Developer

  • ERP Programmer

  • Help Desk Support

  • IT Developer

  • IT Director

  • IT Manager

  • Java Developer

  • Java Programmer

  • Mainframe Programmer

  • Manual QA Tester

  • Middle-ware Analyst

  • .NET Developer

  • .NET Programmer

  • Network Administrator

  • Network Analyst

  • Network Engineer

  • Perl Developer

  • Perl Programmer

  • PHP Developer

  • PHP Programmer

  • Program Manager

  • Project Coordinator

  • Project Manager

  • Security Administrator

  • Security Analyst

  • Security Engineer

  • Server Administrator

  • Server Engineer

  • Software Developer

  • Software Engineer

  • Software programmer

  • Storage Administrator

  • Storage Architect

  • Storage Engineer

  • Systems Administrator

  • Systems Analyst

  • Systems Architect

  • Systems Engineer

  • Technical Writer

  • Telecom Engineer

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