If You are a ‘Game Changer’ – Join the Company that is Changing the Game

If you are a strong sales rep, recruiter or branch leader, you are likely experiencing one of several career wounds:

  • Poor branch, regional or company leadership that makes Mondays (and every other weekday, for that matter) an unpleasant experience
  • Compensation plans that change more often than your underwear
  • Sales: poor recruiting support
  • Recruiters: Sales reps that do little more than farm low-margin or ‘black-hole’ accounts
  • Corporate culture driven by “the beatings will continue until morale improves”
  • Limited opportunities to move into leadership as all “seats are full” ahead of you

If you are a young professional new to the business world and seeking opportunities, you want to make good career choices to ensure that you are properly trained and developed, given opportunities for advancement and fairly compensated.

Join a winner!

INTELLECT has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as “one of America’s fastest growing private companies”.

  • Best leadership in the staffing industry. Game changers with a track record of success that motivate by accolades and praise, that mentor and coach, and “parent” only as needed
  • Rich compensation plan that is in the top 10% of the industry
  • Opportunities to advance to branch and regional leadership with the growth of our Company
  • Stock ownership; 20% of the value of our Company is employee-owned with the opportunity to earn more shares annually
  • Sales: Unique marketing programs that turn cold calls into “warm calls” and help you open doors more easily
  • Sales: Choice to sell local market tech staffing or join higher-end, differentiated specialty practices
  • Recruiters: Very little VMS in our book of business; less wasted time, frustration and low margin focus
  • The ability to work around other success-minded people that want to charge up the mountain, which is critical given that success in our industry is tied to mutual collaboration among team members (sales, recruiting and leadership)

We are seeking “A players” only. If you are one and seeking to join a team that has things to offer than no other firm in this industry does, contact us today:

Eric Lund, Recruiting Manager
(727) 240-1000 x 2003

All conversations are strictly confidential.

Take off the handcuffs and re-start your career at INTELLECT.

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